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The Laurent Ferrier watch collection honors traditional designs by crafting elegantly refined timepieces. The Laurent Ferrier watch line combines subtle neoclassical style with bold casings and sleek craftsmanship. These luxury chronometers feature balanced lines, smooth contours, and exceptional mechanics. Whether you want an extraordinary traveler’s wristwatch or a high-end sports watch, the Laurent Ferrier watch collection is sure to pique your interest. The search for authentic Laurent Ferrier watches for sale can get stressful when you do not know where to look. If you are trying to find the best place to buy Laurent Ferrier watches, Exquisite Timepieces can assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is a Laurent Ferrier authorized dealer.


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Laurent Ferrier Watches

"Respect for tradition does not prevent innovation" - Laurent Ferrier

Laurent Ferrier perpetuates the exceptional nature of Swiss watchmaking through a design of clean and balanced lines. The brand pays homage to a refined and elegant neoclassical style, coupled with impeccably-crafted and technically avant-garde mechanics. But what is it about this high-end Swiss watchmaker that makes it exceptional?


About Laurent Ferrier

Laurent Ferrier is a Swiss watch manufacturing company founded in 2010 and named after its founder. Laurent Ferrier, known today as the creator of the independent luxury watch brand, was brought up in the line of watchmaking. Born December 19, 1946, Ferrier was trained at a watchmaking school and thereafter joined Patek Phillipe, the renowned Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer.

However, before the launch of his brand, Laurent Ferrier was a racing enthusiast and a semi-professional car racer who was seen on the roster of some of the most prestigious car races until the 1970s. He competed in the renowned 24 Hours of Le Mans seven times, even finishing first in the two-liter prototype category in 1977.

It was during this period that he met the driver and industrialist François Servanin, who later became his associate. Tightened by a passion for speed and mechanics, their friendship grew and in 1979 they competed together at the wheel of a Porsche 935T of the Kramer team, finishing third in the competition.

Their performance was even more remarkable considering that many of their competitors were professional Formula 1 drivers. The two gentlemen's love for mechanics never waned, leading them to form the Laurent Ferrier watch brand in 2010. Before this, Ferrier worked at Patek Phillipe for about 30 years and attained the rank of technical director.

It's fair to say that his watchmaking "heritage" and years of service at Patek Phillipe paid off as he's achieved quite the mastery.

The first creation of a new watch brand saw the light in 2010; the Galet Classic was that same year the winner of the award for the best men's watch at the 2010 Geneva watchmaking Grand Prix, thanks to the innovative concept of its tourbillon caliber with double spiral, together with the discreet classicism of its design. It marked the first time such a green company was honored for a new creation which opened up a doorway for the company to ride with the "big boys" of the Haute Horlogerie world.

With an annual production of around 150 pieces, every Laurent Ferrier watch is made, from conception to assembly, in its workshops in Plan les Ouates, Geneva. Models such as the Galet Square or the Galet Traveler use micro-rotor calibers, which offers the advantages of an automatic movement while maintaining a highly contained thickness. This has become part of the DNA of Laurent Ferrier watches.


What type of watches does Laurent Ferrier make?

Generally, the brand is known specifically for high-end luxury watches, with under 200 pieces produced yearly, a testament to the quality and luxury of the brand.


Laurent Ferrier Movements

Since its inception a decade ago, the brand is noted to have released five in-house movements within the following collections- The Galet classic, Ècole, Square, Grand sport, and Bridge.

The Laurent Ferrier movements were mainly developed by Ferrier’s son, Christian Ferrier, who in keeping with the family heritage in watchmaking, is the fourth generation to be involved in Haute horology. He designs the brand's movements according to his father's concepts.


The Galet Classic

The Galet Classic is characterized by features such as its case's smooth contour, depicted in its name Galet, French for pebble, spear-shaped hour hand, and simple design of the dial. Timepieces in this collection include the Laurent Ferrier Galet classic origin, Galet classic tourbillon, Galet classic secret, Galet classic micro-rotor, Galet Classic Traveller.

Notable among these include the Galet classic tourbillon, which was the timepiece behind the 2010 Geneva watchmaking Grand Prix award mentioned earlier. The Tourbillon has two balance springs to compensate for the effect of gravity as seen in the lateral displacement of the balance axis.

Following the success of the Tourbillon, the Galet micro-rotor was released in 2011. It is equipped with a "natural" escapement, a double direct impulse to the balance, and a micro-rotor built to maximize efficiency and reduce the mechanical force required to wind the mainspring. The Galet Secret was also launched in 2011, which has a fan-shaped screen that opens and closes to reveal or conceal the dial underneath (a second hand-decorated dial).

In 2013, the Galet Traveller was introduced with a modified version of micro-rotor movement and dual time display. On the left side of the case are two push buttons that regulate the local time. The date changes automatically at midnight, while a 9 o’clock aperture indicates the reference time or home time in 24-hour mode.

In celebrating its tenth anniversary, the brand released the Classic origin-Opaline, which features the spear-shaped hour and minute hand above a silvery-white opaline dial. The hour, minute, and second hands are made up of 18-carat gold. Its case is made up of titanium, accounting for its strength, lightweight, and corrosion resistance.



Timepieces under the montre Ecole collection include the Regulateur (with a classic micro-rotor movement and display), minute repeater (with a steel case to accentuate the chime to give a clear light tone), and the Annual calendar school piece, which won the 2018 watchmaking Grand Prix award.

The annual calendar is equipped with a brand new movement and an annual calendar display with the date on the periphery, and windows at 12 o'clock for the day and month. It features the classic spear-shaped hands, as well as black and white opaline dials with a standard Swiss lever escapement.



Under the square are the micro-rotor square which won the 2015 watchmaking Grand Prix award, as was the regulator square.

The micro-rotor square is an advancement on the Galet classic micro-rotor, which despite its name has a cushion-shaped case.
It represents the first steel case timepiece of the brand and its third in-house movement. It is equipped with a silicon escapement with a double direct impulse on the balance.


Grand sport

Launched in 2019, the luxury sports watch uses the same movement as the classic Tourbillon, which can only be viewed from the back.

With a combination of satin and polished steel, it has white gold hour markers and the hand uses an orange super Luminova. The grand sport Tourbillon is said to be the result of the sports car background and high-end watchmaking.



Last, we have the manual bridge. Inspired by the “Passerelle de l’Ile”, a famous bridge in Geneva of which Laurent Ferrier had a view from his room when he was a child, it has a new caliber and shape unlike another timepiece in the brand.

Having been exposed to the world of this high-end luxury watch brand, you may be wondering how you can lay your hands on one of these gems, especially with so few pieces being produced and available. You are almost certainly not to come across it at your regular stores, but you can get one from an authorized dealer at They are the best place to buy luxury watches for every brand.

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