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The Kerbedanz watch collection offers breathtaking timepieces with unparalleled graphic designs. The Kerbedanz watch line perfectly represents Kerbedanz’s motto to give meaning to beauty. Each timepiece symbolizes the legends, myths, or allegories that inspired it. The detailed craftsmanship and exceptional mechanical aesthetics lend the Kerbedanz wristwatch series an air of Haute Horlogerie that cannot be replicated anywhere else. All Kerbedanz watches feature specially crafted dials to meet the wearer’s expectations of architectural balance and creative design. Every piece is part of a limited edition collection or is conveniently customized for the wearer. Attempting to find genuine Kerbedanz watches for sale can be extremely difficult without the right help. If you are looking for the best place to buy Kerbedanz watches, Exquisite Timepieces can assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is a Kerbedanz authorized dealer.


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Kerbedanz Watches Review

It's a first! By choosing to combine symbolism, Kerbedanz opens an unexplored path in Swiss traditional watchmaking. Faithful to its craftsmanship inheritance from family know-how related to high goldsmiths, the brand installed in Neuchatel gives life, on the mode of the single piece or ultra-limited series, to rare and ultimate mechanical timepieces, served in concentrated initiatory courses.


A Story Behind The Kerbedanz Watches

Guardian of family history, Tigran Kerbedanz, president and founder of Kerbedanz, goes beyond the mere creation of an eponymous brand: by implanting his name in the original cradle of watchmaking excellence, he pays tribute to his ancestor, a respected blacksmith, renowned for his marvelous skill at shaping metal and for his legendary generosity.

The fame of this grandfather craftsman, due to his love for work well done and his availability of soul already exceeded the borders of his region. Everywhere around the world, great people and neighborhoods solicited the exercise of his art, also when it comes to reviving ancient clocks. Petrified with kindness, simplicity, and talent, he withdrew not only the material comfort still enjoyed by his descendants but above all, the respect and esteem around him.


History Of Kerbedanz Watches

The name Kerbedanz means The Heirs of Karabed, which contains the sense of leader and precursor. These predestined dimensions are part of the brand's current vision. Kerbedanz is a leader in its end-to-end commitment to the values of the Swiss watchmaking good, of mechanical obedience; it is a forerunner in its concept of transcending in the tone of the never seen, the universal experiences and they're immutable symbolic.

Even in its graphic representation, the word Kerbedanz, a symbol of strength and legitimacy that can smile at a whim of fantasy, inspires reliability and stability. An anchoring all-round, reassuring, and protective, in the soil of knowledge and symbols that project themselves. Without ever giving up the momentum upwards, the aspiration to the best.


An Ethnic Brand Name Amongst Watch Manufacturers

Kerbedanz will forever be indebted to this character of his family history who, armed with respect for others as much so that the successful practice of his craft, could sublimate the materials and their uses.

Therefore, the brand officiates against a backdrop of demand for itself, be it quality or precision, in order to offer the best, the most exceptional. As much in the scope of its productivity, the design, realization, and the finish of its timepieces, only in its relational sphere when it comes to talking about sales and distribution facing audiences of connoisseurs.

Kerbedanz produces works of art that reveal as much the absolute mastery of contemporary materials as the practice inherited from the oldest traditions of goldsmithery. In Neuchatel lands, these creations became timepieces, in perfect resonance with secular watch values recognized throughout the world.


A Universe of Symbol Kerbedanz Crafts

Kerbedanz's motto is to make sense of beauty. The brand thus goes back to the sources of civilizations, it tracks the human values that erected them and nestle in the allegories or mysteries of the symbolic. She collects parcels of grandeur and magnificence that she translates and illustrates in every technical and aesthetic detail of her exclusive haute horlogerie timepieces.

These exceptional watches, the ultimate micromechanical expressions, then become objects diffusing universal knowledge crossed by cultural, ethnic, and historical references. Moreover, each creation is accompanied by a luxurious "Birth Book" which tells in-depth, with the strength of color illustrations, each legendary, mythical, allegorical, or symbolic loan that contributed to the inspiration of its design.

Obviously, the client Kerbedanz is in perfect harmony with the civilization he contributes to shaping. Whatever the level of influence it exerts, it is recognized in the dimensions of leader and precursor crystallized in the origin of the name of the mark. He does not feel the need to show, rather that of transmitting, to those who show a sincere interest, the hidden reasons which give, on his wrist, this deep relief to passing time.

Kerbedanz addresses the MIP, the Most Important People who, because of the power and influence they have, participate through their actions in the march of the world.

In order to transcend its motto and fulfill its mission, "to give meaning to beauty", the brand Kerbedanz is based on its family heritage from the oldest traditions of high goldsmithery, to which were added the know-how of the best Swiss watchmakers. Historically born of an exceptional mastery of iron and noble materials, it is today able to speak the language of contemporary materials.


Current Creations of Kerbedanz Watches

Each Kerbedanz timepiece is a concentrate of the inauguratory journey that transforms the wrist of its wearer into a transmitter rich in symbols! And since the brand practices personalization to the extreme, any amplified allusion, any combined allegory as well as any borrowing from a past civilization, remains, despite its universality, a secret personal message. Aesthetic coherence, architectural balance, the creations of the brand are masterpieces that give meaning to beauty.

Kerbedanz designs and crafts its ultimate timepieces in the fashion of the single piece or ultra-limited series.


Kerbedanz Maximus Watch

Maximus is, indeed, a first name and superlative adjectives, derived from the Latin word Magnus, which means "big," and Maximus means "the greatest." No other title could be better than "MAXIMUS" to characterize this astonishing model of Kerbedanz, whose accuracy of mechanical flow is ensured by the largest "tourbillon" for wristwatch of the world. In ancient Rome, the title of "Maximus" was given to the high priest at the head of the Pontifical College. The Pontiffs were the priests responsible for establishing the calendar of good and bad days in the Roman public religion, consecrating the buildings, appointing other priests, such as Flames and Vestals, and also keeping the Roman archives. By recording the notable facts in the "Great Annals." This title will then be systematically awarded to all Roman emperors during the imperial period following the reign of Augustus.

As a result, "Maximus" became the key expression for expressing grandeur in all its splendor. And it is a Roman monument, a gigantic known at that time, which became truly the expression of this greatness. This is the Circus Maximus, the largest circus of Roman antiquity, otherwise known as "Circus Maximus," located between the Palatine and Aventine. Mainly intended for horse or chariot races, Circus Maximus was built in the early 6th century BC by the Etruscan king Tarquin the Elder.
Originally, the dimensions of the arena were 370 meters long and 83 wide. Subsequently, it was enlarged successively by Cesar, Claude, and Néron then by Caracalla and Aurelien so that in the 4th century of our era, the track measured 621 meters long and 118 wide and it is expected that more than 150 000 spectators could take their place. The Circus Maximus remains to this day the largest sports enclosure that the world has known.
But, during Roman Antiquity, the terms Magnus and Maximus were also used as names or surnames by the Romans or the integrated populations in the Roman Empire. Thus, under the name Magnus Maximus or Maxime, a Gallo-Roman military leader of the 4th century, who was proclaimed "Auguste" (that is to say, the emperor) by his troops, became famous, emparred from Gaul and Spain and finally took Rome in 387.


Specifications of Kerbedanz Maximus Watch

Caliber KRB-08 large central flying tourbillon, with an anchor in line, with a cage diameter of 27mm, rotating every 6 minutes.

Mechanical movement with manual winding, designed, manufactured, and decorated by Kerbedanz. Balancer and spiral specifically developed for this caliber. 34 rubies, 18'000 alternations per hour (2.5Hz), Four barrels in parallel, driving a central wheel mounted on a ball bearing, providing the necessary torque to feed a tourbillon of such a size. More than 54 hours of power backup with indicator.

A total of 415 components, the tourbillon cage, made entirely of titanium, comprising 73 elements and a weight of 1.35g. The diameter of the movement 40mm. Movement height without the 8.35mm cage, with the 13.2mm cage.

The tourbillon rotates the regulating organ of the watch by varying the positions of the latter to compensate for errors related to the influence of gravity, the non-concentric development of the hairspring, and the point of attachment to the shell. This magnificent dimension makes it possible to see and understand the operation of the tourbillon.
mastered skills are the design and manufacture of the hairspring, snowshoeing with fine adjustment screw, as well as that of the balance.
Haute Horlogerie decoration with polished chamfering, stretching of the sides of the pieces, circled workings, mirror-polished screws.


Anglage of Kerbedanz Watches

Reserved for high-end watch parts, bevelling is a finishing technique applied to watch movements. It deletes the edges. This stage of the manufacture of a watch is done by hand by master watchmakers. Thus all the unsightly asperities are eliminated on the surfaces of the micromechanical components. If the approach is related to the notion of doing better than necessary, it offers the advantage of fighting the erosion of parts.


Polishing of Kerbedanz Watches

The artisan touch, the science of repetitive and regular dosage, make the safe gesture of the artisan polisher, an art in its own right, typical and related explicitly to Swiss watchmaking know-how. Kerbedanz, located in Neuchâtel, in the heart of the original cradle of watchmaking excellence, plays contrasts mode of different polishing practices, with this sense of symbolic design that adds value.

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