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News   June 28, 2023   by Adam Malik

DIYers prefer domestics

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Domestic vehicles dominate the share of the do-it-your-self market, a recent report found.

Domestic nameplates captured a 75 per cent larger share of the DIY sector last year, reported Lang Marketing, when compared to the do-it-for-me market.

“Foreign nameplates are surging in light truck product share, but they represent less than 30 per cent of the DIY market,” said the report, Domestic Nameplates Rule DIY. “The strong performance of domestic nameplates in the DIY market generates about one-third of their light vehicle aftermarket product sales.”

This comes as domestic nameplates have been declining in aftermarket product share for several years. To date, these vehicles make up less than half of aftermarket product sales, Lang reported.

On the other hand, these brands dominate the DIY market. The report didn’t explain why there was such a difference.

What does this mean for the aftermarket? “Products sold in the DIY market, particularly replacement parts, differ from similar sales in the DIFM market in terms of where they are purchased, pricing and how these products reach end-users,” Lang’s report explained.

“These differences, and the greater strength of domestic nameplates in the DIY market compared to the DIFM sector, lead to differences in the volume, brands, and outlet share of products used on domestic nameplates compared to foreign nameplates.”

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2 Comments » for DIYers prefer domestics
  1. Bob Ward says:

    The DIY market is drying up with the complexity of newer vehicles. Aftermarket parts suppliers have quite a problem with returns and premature failure of parts when installed by untrained people. As a shop owner I would prefer to deal exclusively with parts suppliers who only sell to repair shops. We have installed customer supplied parts in the past and find it interesting to see the inferior quality of some of these parts. We do not offer any warranty on labour on these jobs at all. In the long run the DIFM market will only increase.

  2. Chris Dekker says:

    Agree with Bob’s statements.

    The article is interesting. Could the correlation exist because domestic vehicles are typically cheaper and DIYers are typically… cheaper?

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