BRM Watches

BRM Watches

BRM watches are designed with bold aesthetics and complex mechanisms to deliver a striking piece. BRM wristwatches were inspired by sports, ranging from golf to motor racing. These eye-catching timepieces fully embrace exquisite detail with notable French luxury design influences. BRM watches are handcrafted using exclusive watchmaking techniques that are not replicated anywhere else. You can expect fine craftsmanship and unique qualities in every BRM watch collection. If you are looking for BRM watches for sale, it can become frustrating to find authentic pieces. Exquisite Timepieces can point you in the right direction. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy BRM watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a BRM authorized dealer.


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BRM - Meet the Luxury Motor Racing Watch!

They say that luxury lies in exquisite detail. The French luxury watchmaker Bernard Richards Manufacture or BRM has embraced this concept like no other. BRM Chronographs are selectively produced watches that take inspiration from motor racing, golf and many other sports. The founder Bernard Richards is a master craftsman who has dedicated his life to the art of watchmaking with secret techniques, materials and designs that are supposed to be his all-exclusively practices.

Over the years, BRM has stood out for its one-after-the-other unique dials, extremely detailed finishing and motorsport-inspired watches, that are quite effectively one of their kind. So, how did it all come together and what are BRM’s most noteworthy timepieces? Let’s explore!

BRM - The Story of Inception

BRM came into existence in 2003 after founder Bernard Richards finished his 2-year long experiments to launch the first-ever BRM, the GP44. Bernard was educated by the famous Paris School of Watchmaking and National Institute of Gemology of Paris, in the 1970s. Hailing from a family of Jewelers, he began by designing his own lighters, pens and clocks. The eye for uncompromising detail and refined luxury was always there in him. He climbed the ladder by creating Bernard Richards, a company named after him that would initially serve as a luxury tool machining setup in 1986. A decade later, the company employed CNC machines used for crafting precision items. In 2003, BRM was incepted as a brand that would shine through as a forebearer of ultra-detailed watches and Bernard’s years of experience as a true craftsman.

What sets BRM Watches Apart?

Just like any other luxury watch series, BRMs have some ingenuity associated with them that make you want to Buy BRM Watches. It’s regarded as one of the few brands that are a collector’s true delight, with its elegant yet sporty finish.

Every Watch is a Limited Edition

You read that right! BRM is not a mass manufacturer of watches. At the company’s latest high-capacity workshop, only 2000 pieces are produced every year, including all of its collections. Every watch is crafted by hand with techniques known to only a handful of Bernard’s handpicked craftsmen. According to the founder’s philosophy, he wanted to sell his watches to one person at a time as a rare taste of luxury than mass produce watches for just everyone.

BRM Uses only the finest Materials

Luxury watches have a tradition of inculcating rare metals and jewels in the production, that distinguish them from the rest. BRM has a history of using fine materials such as 18/8 Stainless steel, Titanium, Carbon Fibre, Fibre Glass to produce some record-breaking ultra-lightweight watches. The RG-46 model is a record-setter with just 46 grams of weight. Every single detail of this brand is taken to the highest level.

BRM has a history of employing materials used in the motorsport industry, especially motorcars and sports bikes. The use of rubber straps resembling F1 tire pattern and Aluminium for car chassis are symbolic of the same. One reason why motorsport enthusiasts Buy BRM Watches.

BRM’s Attention to Detail

BRM is all about its craftsmanship. Bernard himself is a virtuoso of handcrafting watches and with his intense devotion to luxury has rendered the brand an untarnishable image for detailing. Just so as to exemplify, a typical luxury watch case has about 1-3 components in its construct whereas, BRM has up to 18. The watches are crafted from 3 meter long bars of Titanium which is lighter than steel but 6 times as strong.

Continuous Innovation

If we look at the type of watches BRM has created over the years, the design has taken some unconventional turns.

For instance, the Record TB watch introduced an uplifted face representing the dash of a car. The exotic design breaks the monotony for the fans to rejoice.

The Birotor is also a fine example of unique craftsmanship, which introduced two self-winding rotors in watches for the first time. This innovation pposedly took years for Bernard to master.
The watch also used Tantalum, which is highly anti-corrosive and a rare Earth material. Tantalum is a material which most manufacturers stay away from because the metal is so dense and difficult to work with.

BRM Price(s)

Luxury watches come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Some brands like Richard Mille only cater the elite with watches running an excess of a hundred thousand dollars whereas brands like Tissot begin at 700 USD.
BRM has watches in several price brackets up the ladder. The BRM V6 begins at 1,119 USD whereas the average price range is between $5,000 to $20,000. There’s a healthy variety to choose from.
You also have models ranging from $50,000 USD going all the way to $122,142 USD for the BRM Tourbillon.

The BRM Customizable Watch Configurator

The latest in the series is the configurator V12-44 and V6-44 that allow the customer to choose everything from the dial, lugs, the minute and second hands and more.

BRM Collections

BRM Golf Collection

The Golf collection features stylish bright coloured and high-contrast watches for golfing enthusiasts, this watch was created to be not only colorful but also to be the most comfortable watch to wear while playing any sport! The BRM Watches price for this collection is around $6,000 is available online for purchase.

BRM Corvette Collection

BRM partnered up with Corvette for this luxury collection that features racing symbolism throughout the watch. You can see the Corvette logo inside the watch with large watch dials and branded buttons, the Corvette enthusiastic will notice other details such as the Jake logo and many others. Pick up a BRM Corvette and see what you notice!

The series begins at $4,000 and goes up to $12,000 with a rich variety of colours and tones for Corvette fans. The collection features the use of Stainless Steel and Sapphire crystal in the construction of the watch.

BRM Gulf Collection

The Gulf collection is a product of the collaboration between BRM and The Gulf. This unique watch has a small motor oil chamber in it wherein you can see actual motor oil packed into the dial. The Unique Blue and Orange colors pop in this masterfully created watch. The collection was designed as a tribute to motor racing and who else than Gulf would have suited for the use of motor oil in a watch dial. The collection is available at prices online for about $5,000.

BRM V-12, V-14, and V-16 Collections

The V-12 collection features light-weight needles, white-coloured gimbals, decorated with race numbers. The collection is one of BRM’s trademark collections as it prominently brings out the love of racing.
The collection features several watches in a wide variety of colours, straps and buttons. The BRM Watch price begins at $9,000 and goes all the way to $35,000 for some models. Similarly, the V-14 and V-16 collections have the racing persona embedded in them beautifully, There’s a sub-collection called V-12 flags that has multinational flags embedded in the watch cases.

BRM MK-44 MAKROLON Collection

Makrolon is one of the remarkable collections for two things. First is their dial design which has a cobweb of miniature elements heavily loaded in the dial face. You can view a passionate level of detailing the collection. Makrolon is used in the F-1 race car windshields. Despite that, the watch is pretty lightweight due to the use of carbon fibre and stainless steel. Most watches in this collection are above $11,000.

BRM V8 Competition Racing Collection

The V8 collection represents the V8 engine with thick outer walls and fat piston-like buttons on the ulterior of the watch. The watch dials are deep-set in the watch with a brushed Titanium finish. You also get dual colour contrast leather straps in this fully automatic collection. The pricing ranges between $7 - $8,000.

BRM Art Car Series

The Art Car series has multiple models branded as Art Car. The collection is distinguished based on the multicolour watch faces with stainless steel chassis. The buttons and strap are designed uniformly to represent racing car insignia such as the Start/Stop button in a real race car.

BRM: Brand Wrap Up

BRM has rightfully maintained it French artistry and the love of racing in its DNA. The exquisite watch brand is born out of a passion for excellence and fine craftsmanship. Each watch is a limited timepiece and the owner can feel special as these watches are not mass-produced in any regard.

For the racing enthusiast, BRM is one of the most exclusive options in the luxury watch market!

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